Renowned Canadian pianist, has recorded all Bach major works among others. Named 2010 Instrumentalist of the Year; she launched her own Trasimeno Music Festival in 2005.
ANGELA HEWITTApr. 29, 2018
Angela Hewitt indisputably ranks at the very top of the list of Canadian musicians known worldwide, a phenomenal artist who has established herself as the preeminent Bach pianist of our time. In 1985 she won the Toronto International Bach Piano Competition, and has been a top prizewinner at major competitions in Leipzig, Milan, Zwickau, Cleveland and Washington D.C. In 2005, Hewitt completed an eleven-year project to record all the major keyboard works of Bach on the Hyperion label, which has been described as “one of the record glories of our age”
(The Sunday Times). Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Schumann and Ravel also figure prominently in her repertory, but she has also delved into the music of such relatively ignored masters as Rameau, Couperin, Granados and Chabrier. In addition to tours on four continents, her frequent Wigmore Hall and Royal Festival Hall recitals in London sell out months in advance. In 2000 Hewitt was made an Officer of the Order of Canada, and in 2015 she was promoted to Companion. She is also a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and in 2006 was awarded an OBE. Beginning in 2016, Hewitt embarked on a Bach Odyssey, in which she will perform all the major keyboard works of this composer.
9th LMMC recital.


J.S. BACH   
Goldberg Variations,
BWV 988 (1741)     
      Var.   1 (G major)                                      
      Var.   2 (G major)
      Var.   3 Canone all’Unisono (G major)
      Var.   4 (G major)
      Var.   5 (G major)
      Var.   6 Canone alla Seconda (G major)
      Var.   7 Al tempo di giga (G major)
      Var.   8 (G major)
      Var.   9 Canone alla Terza (G major)
      Var. 10 Fughetta (G major)
      Var. 11 (G major)                                                       
      Var. 12 Canone alla Quarta (G major)
      Var. 13 (G major)                                                       
      Var. 14 (G major)
      Var. 15 Canone alla Quinta:  Andante (G minor)   
      Var. 16 Ouverture (G major)
      Var. 17 (G major)   
      Var. 18 Canone alla Sesta (G major)
      Var. 19 (G major)   
      Var. 20 (G major)
      Var. 21 Canone alla Settima (G minor)   
      Var. 22 Alla breve (G major)
      Var. 23 (G major)   
      Var. 24 Canone all’Ottava (G major)
      Var. 25 Adagio (G minor)   
      Var. 26 (G major)
      Var. 27 Canone alla Nona (G major)
      Var. 29 (G major)   
      Var. 30 Quodlibet (G major)