Highly regarded German piano trio founded in 1991, winner of Osaka and Melbourne competitions. Extensive award-winning discography.
TRIO JEAN PAULFeb. 2, 2014

Eckart Heiligers - piano
Ulf Schneider - violin         Martin Löhr - cello

The Trio Jean Paul is one of today’s most distinguished chamber music ensembles and a popular guest at the international concert venues. Named for the famed author Jean Paul (1763-1825), the Trio makes music’s speech-like and rhetorical elements the fundamental point of departure for their interpretations. This approach bridges the works of the Classical and Romantic eras (Jean Paul’s life spanned approximately that of Beethoven) and enables the Trio to perform both standard repertoire and contemporary works with exceptional poetic fluency. The three German musicians - pianist Eckart Heiligers, violinist Ulf Schneider and cellist Martin Löhr - joined forces in 1991 and have since won First Prizes at major international competitions in Osaka, Melbourne and at the Deutscher Musikwettbewerb in Germany. In addition to performing on five continents, the Trio Jean Paul has fittingly recorded the Schumann Piano Trios. (Schumann’s Humoresque and Papillons were directly inspired by Jean Paul’s literary works.) Another CD that makes manifest the Trio’s adventuresome spirit pairs the rarely-heard original version of Brahms’s Piano Trio No. 1 with a transcription of Schönberg’s Verklärte Nacht (another work derived from poetry), a disc that won them the Deutsche Schallplattenkritik Prize.

3rd LMMC engagement.


BEETHOVEN    Piano Trio in E flat major, Opus 1 No. 1 (1795)
                                   Adagio cantabile
                                   Scherzo: Allegro assai
                                   Finale: Presto

MOZART           Piano Trio in C major, K. 548 (1788)
                                   Andante cantabile

SCHUBERT       Piano Trio in B flat major, Opus 99, D. 898 (1827)
                                   Allegro moderato
                                   Andante un poco mosso
                                   Scherzo: Allegro
                                   Rondo: Allegro vivace