Founded in 1987 at the Franz Liszt Music School in Budapest, the Keller Quartett won First Prize and additional prizes at both the Evian and Borciani Competitions in 1990. CDs for Erato and EMC.
Keller QuartettApr. 14, 2013

András Keller - violin        Zoltán Gál - viola
Zsófia Környei - violin        Judit Szabó - cello

The Keller Quartet was formed in 1987 by four students at the Franz Liszt Music School in Hungary. In 1990, within a four-week period, the Quartet won two of the most important European string quartet competitions: the Evian International String Quartet Competition and the second Borciani International Competition. In both the Quartet received not only the first prize but also all the additional prizes. Since its formation it has demonstrated its mastery of a broad range of repertoire from Schubert to Bartók and Kurtág (who composed works for the Quartet). It has been invited to many of the major European Festivals and has performed in all the major cities in Europe. The Keller Quartett has made many recordings and their complete Bartók cycle on Erato caused a sensation when it was released and won a Deutsche Schallplattenpreis. More recently, on ECM, they have recorded Bach\\\'s Art of Fugue as well as the complete works of Kurtáag for String Quartet. Their latest CD includes Schnittke\\\'s Piano Quintet Alexei Lubimov and Shostakovich\\\'s final quartet.

LMMC debut.


BRAHMS              String Quartet in A minor, Opus 51 No. 2 (1873)
                                      Allegro non troppo
                                      Andante moderato
                                      Quasi minuetto: Moderato
                                      Finale: Allegro non assai
SCHNITTKE        String Quartet No. 3 (1983)

BEETHOVEN       String Quartet in A minor, Opus 132 (1825)
                                      Assai sostenuto - Allegro
                                      Allegro ma non tanto
                                      Molto adagio
                                      Alla marcia, assai vivace
                                      Allegro appassionato